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This tool shows you if you have ever been hacked

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We live in an era where hacking is a daily matter. Electric networks, blue cards or personal datas are hacked very easily. But how to know your datas have been hacked ?

LeakedSource is a database wich gathers approximately 3 billions of accounts, emails and other informations. It is a kind of Google for leaked datas.

The first purpose of LeakedSource is to inform people on web services representing a danger. This should put pressure on concerned companies which use to choke datas leaks. Secondly, LeakedSource wants to offer a relevant tool to protect your datas. Freely, you can create an account in order to receive a email notification if one of your accounts has been hacked. You can also pay for more features.

I personnaly passed the test to know if one of my (many) accounts has been hacked. I was not disappointed. After I entered my main email adress, I found that I have been hacked on 3 different services in 2013 including Adobe, Tumblr and Gamigo (a MMOs platform).

If you want to go further, you can enter your phone number or your IP adress.

Do you think this service is useful ? Do you trust it ?

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