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Samsung : Cool New Features in 2017 !

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Samsung Mobile just announce new features for 2017 ! Here is the list :


1. Dual-SIM, microSD

Sometimes, people are often forced to walk around with two devices, one with their work number, and another one for their personal needs. So, the most practical feature of the new Galaxy A5 and A7 series is the fact that the phones come with a separate secondary SIM card slot that one can easily access. You no longer need to choose between either a second SIM or a microSD card, you can have both.

2. Water protected 

The new Galaxy A series feature an IP 68 protection rating, meaning that you can safely submerge them in water for a short period of time and they will not suffer any damage. That’s so cool !

3.  Loudspeaker on the side

The loudspeaker is now located on the side. Located right, just above the power / lock key.

4. Floatting camera button

For the first time, there is now a new button that you can enable in the camera with the Samsung Galaxy A (2017). You can move it. It’s so cool because sometimes you hold your phone in a weird position and it’s just not convenient to reach for the camera shutter button at its usual position, so you can now just move it !

5. Fingerprint scanner

It’s time having a fingerprint reader for security, it’s a fast and convenient way to have your phone protected against thieves, and on the new Galaxy A (2017) series, the finger scanner is built in the home key up front.

6. Samsung pay support 

You can now pay with your phone ! In fact, it opens the way to wireless payments. The neat payment platform supports newer terminals with NFC, but also works with older MST magnetic terminals, something that rival services like Apple Pay and Android Pay do not support.

7. USB-C

Samsung has finally transitioned its phones to the USB-C port. This is the new standard : the connector is conveniently reversible (don’t worry which is the right way to plug in your phone ;)).

8. Fast charging (our favorite)

Another interesting detail is the added support for fast charging on the Galaxy A5 and A7 (2017). Given the larger size of their batteries, the fast charging definitely comes as a welcome addition.

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