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Mobile app : Google and H&M create the data-dress

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In marketing, it is now essential to offer a personalized experience to the customer. H&M, the Swedish ready-to-wear chain, has just partnered with Google through Ivyrevel, its brand only available online.

The idea of both entities is to offer a new mobile application to clients. The application, named Coded Couture, will allow them to obtain a unique dress, tailored according to their profile and habits.

How will they do it?

They will exploit, with the permission of the user, all their personal data to design a dress that corresponds to their way of life.

The app relies on Google’s Awareness API, which basically makes use of all the sensors on a phone. It can detect whether a person is walking or driving, it picks up on nearby Bluetooth beacons, knows whether headphones are plugged in, detects exact location, and remembers weather conditions.

Results ? 

According to information gathered after a week, the application will propose a unique model. The dress will be rather chic or casual, patterns and details may be added and the fabrics may also vary. If the user is seduced by the model, she can directly buy her dress from the mobile application. It will be sold starting at $ 99.
For the moment, the application, in beta version, is tested by a handful of users. The public version is scheduled for next fall.
Will the customers of the brand be ready to take the perfect dress, to the detriment of their private life?
If you are ready to live this personalized experience, Join the future with Google & H&M here !

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