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Minecraft for Education

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Learning with Minecraft : do you believe in that ?

Microsoft do. The firm just acquired Minecraft : Education Edition, a new game version created by Teacher Gaming, an edtech startup. This version includes features and tools designed for classrooms. Microsoft wants to help students to develop collaboration, creativity and problems solving skills.

Indeed, Minecraft is a very popular game, with a huge community of 100 millions players. It now allows pupils to do mathematics, learn programming, build places linked to history lessons, do collaborative work thanks to a multiplayer mode up to 40 players or even discover anatomy. But the main objective is to encourage creativity ! This project makes things easier for teachers and students. It has been developed in collaboration with teachers in order to answer their attempts and ease of use. This version remains in a logic of learning digitalization. Because today children are surrounded by digital devices, education needs to adapt.

Microsoft proposes the game at a fair price for schools. The complete version is available since the 1st of November 2016 and costs 5$ per year per student. This new educational game is already used in 7000 classrooms, in 40 different countries.

In France, Microsoft signed a controversed partnership with the Ministry of Education through the Plan of School Digitalization.

“Minecraft: Education Edition is a collaborative and versatile platform that educators can use across subjects to encourage 21st-century skills.”, Minecraft


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