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Airbus revealed Vahana futuristic project and it’s not an aircraft

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Aeronautic french firm Airbus recently revealed its flying car project called Vahana.

If we look closer to indian mythology, a Vāhana is an object or animal used as a vehicle by Gods. Airbus project as the shape of a spacecraft without driver. It can take off and land vertically. Vahana is equipped of eight rotors : four at the front and four at the back. It allows vertical and horizontal mobility while remaining stable. On sketches presented by Airbus, cockpit seems to be able to welcome only one passenger. The aim of this aircraft is to be used as an air taxi. Sounds crazy right ?

The project started in the Silicon Valley-based Airbus branch called A³. “More than the creation of the vehicle itself, we seek to make key technologies move forward in order to support the development and regulation of automated aircrafts” said Rodin Lyasoff, CEO of A³.

Engineers, designers and experts that are working on Vahana project aim to fly the prototype before the end of 2017. Then, having a final produc in 2020.

If the goal of this flying car is to make vertical cities possible, this is far from reality. Airspace is already too much regulated in Europe and USA, even for small drones, imagine what would it be with aircrafts such as Vahana ! This project is more a way to prove the concept. We know how it works and we know how to make it fly.

What do you think of this project ? Do you think it can be useful nowadays or in a close future ?


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