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2020 : The Internet Shutdown

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With the appearance of new devices and connected services such as virtual reality, experts are worried about Internet. Will it be powerful enough to support the growing number of datas and algorithms ?

Billions of connections

Robotic, real-time analysis and facial recognition are part of many IoT (Internet of Things) applications which need a superfast connectivity and the creation of new connections. In 2006, there were “only” two billions connected devices. In 2020, they will be 50 billions. It represents approximately seven connected devices per individual. In case of trouble, the traffic of these objects could have implications on the whole network. We should consider IoT traffic different from the traditional one because of the consequences it could have on our future transport and health systems if it happens to crash.

As a proof, let’s talk about autonomous vehicles. Lots of incidents have been reported by medias, showing how young this revolution is. Before vehicles start driving autonomously, firms and politics have to look into the connectivity required for this technology. Their job is to perceive the impact of datas driven by hundred of thousands of vehicles inside networks infrastructures.

Videos everywhere

The pressure of worldwide networks is not only about connections volume but also a matter of bandwith. In 2020, video will represent more than 80% of the global Internet traffic, or in other words, approximately one million minutes of video content watched every second.

With the continuous growth of content developed by TV, cinema and sport industry for devices such as Oculus Rift, Google Glass and others, the video traffic will be multiplied by sixty in 2020. One of the reasons of this increase is the fact virtual reality requires five time more bandwith than HDTV to offer a completely immersive experience. Currently, only specialized firms possess infrastructures strong enough for this technology. It is not the case of domestic bandwith, currently unstable for VR. That’s why governments and telecom firms need to invest in “the last mile network”. That’s the condition the industry could guarantee the awaited experience.

Artificial Intelligence, Guru of Internet

Every inventions of this past 150 years will be reinvented due to artificial intelligence. It will have a central role in Internet, helping to answer the evolving needs of the bandwith.

Because of their worldwide and multilayered structure, networks are extremely complex to build. Machine learning will help human intelligence concept these networks : faster and effective networks, maintained due to traffic analysis, attacks prevention and auto-amelioration. Artificial Intelligence will be able to predict traffic flow according to major events such as football championships, Olympic Games and so on, in order to regulate the traffic according to internauts’ needs.

More over, the telecom industry started significal projets in order to build solid bases for the Internet of Things, virtual reality and tomorrow technologies. Rethinking the worldwide networks management and optimization of bandwith, engineers should save Internet from crashing because of the growing weight of datas flux, crossing worldwide networks every second.


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