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Today we decided to speak about Nebo (by MyScript Studio), the winner of CES2017 !

Every year in January, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) technology event takes place in Las Vegas, and its objective is to elect the best innovation in a lot of tech categories : web, transport, video-game, fitness technology, app and so on. That’s why we can consider that event is a good way to give us a good idea of technologies that will follow us every day in future years.

With a revolutionary touch-screen recording system, the Frenchies has been elected best app of 2016 among competitors from around the world, following an online vote. Surfing brilliantly on the huge wave of tablets sales, MyScript Studio disrupts the way of taking notes. Get over with flying leaves, erasures, hazardous calligraphy and indelible coffee spots : the application lets you grab your notes with a stylus directly on the screen, then scans the text into a Word file. It’s clean, it’s modern, it’s cheap and today, the french startup is worth to be the best application of the world.

Need more information ? Look at this video made by MyScript Studio for its best seller app Nebo :

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