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Instagram VS Snapchat : The Stories War

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New in the game : Instagram

As you all know, it changed quite a lot this days, having a new logo and simplifying its app. In addition of this, it launched a new feature : Stories. Such as Snapchat main feature, it allows users to publish photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours… Not very original.

People familiar with Snapchat were desoriented when the photo app announced Stories : why should I use another app, or worse, both ?!

Some Social Media specialists said that Instagram Stories were doomed to failed. But, it actually works good !

Instagram Stories’ success

First of all, Instagram Stories are modeled on Snapchat’s except that they want to be simpler. Indeed, they are more intuitive : adding a story, putting text, drawing something become easier for users. They can comment eachother Stories. In order to be, at least, as good as Snapchat, Instagram didn’t forget filters, a must have for users.

Instagram strategy surprised everyone, even Snapchat, somehow trying to fight back.