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Instagram : First Steps In E-business

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E-commerce websites will adore this new feature !

From now on, Instagram users can buy products directly from the app, without leaving it. As a first step, Instagram will test its new feature on iPhone and iPad users all over the USA in collaboration with 20 e-shops such as Kate Spade or Warby Parker.

This new feature will appear as a new button, located at the bottom left of pictures, showing informations and prices of concerned products. It also includes a “Buy Now” link, allowing users to visit the website in just one click. A blessing for e-merchants, who will tag their products such as users tag their friends on photos. Instagram also thought about customers who need a time to think before purchasing : it proposes a product saving option.


Photo credit : Instagram

The purpose of Instagram is to stand out with this new commercial feature. The app won’t earn any additional money on spotted products, for now. But the Facebook Group announced its desire to make profits by selling this feature to brands if it appears to be a real success. This new tool is part of a global strategy aiming at monetize of the 1 billion dollars investment Facebook made by purchasing Instagram. 

The link between brands and social networks is getting stronger. Brands have a new way to make us buy their products, in a more impulsive way. Good or bad news ? Give me your opinion !

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