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Delete your Internet accounts with one click !

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Today, we are going to talk to you about a subject that concerns us all : How to delete our Internet accounts?

It is sometimes difficult, time consuming and tedious to find out how to delete an account that was created on the web for one reason or another. Indeed, it is very easy and fast to create an account but the removal is much more complicated…

A brand new service offers to help you clear your multiple accounts with a single click : DeaseatMe.

This free service uses your Google authentication to list all the services you subscribed to. It will also scan your Gmail mailbox to find all services and accounts you signed up for. However, your data is protected. DeseatMe stays on your browser and does not send any information to their servers. DeseatMe will then list all sites and services you are registered on. You should be surprised ! Sites or services that you have completely forgotten are surely part of this list…

Then, several options are available. The first is to click “keep” and keep your account on the services you are using. The second option is to click “add to delete queue” which will have the effect of placing the designated site or service in a sort of queue accounts that you want to erase. Then, by clicking once again on each of the services or site you will automatically delete your account. Easy !

DeseatMe allows you to save time and give you a global view of all your accounts and it is free.

More information on DeseatMe !


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