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Snapchat Is Ready For Summer

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Millenials love Snapchat either as brands nowadays. The firm Snap Inc. is creating a product beside of its social network in order to develop its offer. Let me introduce you the Spectacles.

These connected glasses allow users to record videos with a 115° perspective. As an exclusive Snapchat device, you can connect your glasses either with WiFi or Bluetooth. Easy to use, they feature one single button to start and stop recordings. Equipped with the tiniest camera in the world, users can share their visual field.

This new product is clearly inspired by Google Glass. But Snapchat creators are defending themselves, saying Spectacles are discrete, fashion and available in three colours. Spectacles are also less expensive than the Google Glass.

What about the price ?

Spectacles are available at 129.99$ when you need 1,500$ to afford Google Glass.

Where can you find them ?

In order to launch their product, Snapchat marketers are going to put temporary machines called Snapbots in major cities all around the world. Snapbots will travel every 24 hours so don’t miss yours ! What a great advertising idea !

As Snapchat is creating new devices, the company is now called Snap Inc. According to american medias, the Spectacles will be available right before Christmas so hurry up, because they are limited !

More information about Spectacles.

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