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Snapchat : You can now buy or rent an apartment

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It is not only real estate agencies or websites that allow you to find the accommodation of your dreams…

In New York, real estate agents of a new kind send ephemeral videos to Snapchat users who can view the property they covet and discuss with them. Snapchat users now have the opportunity to discover in real time on their smartphone an ephemeral video showing flats offered by real estate agents in offbeat style.

They can chat with them via instant messaging, then visit the property. To benefit from this service, simply connect to the application and add “Snaplistings” to friend. Thus, the most reactive candidates will increase their chances of landing the accommodation.

We owe this brilliant idea to a young New Yorker, Dolly Meckler. The idea of creating this company came to him after sharing a video on Snapchat showing an apartment for which she had a real love at first sight. She partnered with one of her co-workers, Michael Hoffman, who is accompanying her today in this adventure.

Established in October 2016, Snaplistings has already allowed real estate agents to sell several apartments totaling more than $ 6 million. Of course, reasonably priced rentals are also available to catch the younger, still majority in the Snapchat community, which has 150 million active users every day.

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