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TOP 10 of Ways to Make Money from your Website or Blog

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Launch a website or a blog is so easy now, grow up the audience is hard and earn money is the most difficult part for every website owner. Here is ten ways to earn money from your website or blog :

1 – Affiliate Marketing 

Find and endorse products you like and would recommend on your website and email subscribers. If the product resonates with your site visitors, and click on your affiliate links then purchasing the product, you get a split of the sale price (30-70% income).

2 – Use Google AdSense

Adsense allows web publishers to tap into Google’s immense advertising network so that other advertisers can run ads on their website. You get paid each time someone clicks on the ad. You can also use AmazonAssociates; Infolinks or Chitika.

3 –  Sell Ad Space

Sell you own Ad space directly to companies looking to support different blogs. You gat paid depending on how many visitors you get. Typically this is quoted as a dollar amount per one thousand impressions.

4 –  Sell your own digital product

This approach seems fairly straightforward because you can simply sell products, such as an online course or Ebook, directly through your website and get paid immediately. However, creating good products that are well made and polished require a ton of time and additional resources (like design, content, etc).

5 – Take donations

Don’t have a ton of monthly visits, but you do have a strong, engaged community ? Simply ask your readers to donate (with Paypal for example) !

6 – Accept sponsored posts and articles

Many companies go out of their way to look for blogs that will feature their sponsored content. You can also review the products from a company in an “advertorial” that’s part content, part advertisement.

7 –  Generate Leads for others companies

Connect the dots and play the matchmaker by introducing two parties who can benefit with one another. Your readers information (like their email address or phone number) would be great value to different businesses.

8 – Build an Email list

Your email list is comprised of your most loyal readers. This is a long-term strategy, but it’s one of the best, long-term methods to profitably growing your blog into a full-pledged, money making enterprise. “The money is on the list”.

9 – Set up an E-commerce site

There are literally hundreds of thousands of e-commerce websites or online stores, and hard work is required in building one. Make sure that yours is filling a unique niche, with a detailed strategy and the latest marketing techniques to stand out from the crowd.

10 – Flip your website (Make, Sell, Reinvest)

If you’ve built up a following (or possibly even sold a few products or included advertising on your site), you might be able to sell it to someone else and make a quick buck.

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