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Marketing Directors : 5 good resolutions to take in 2017

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Year 2017 will be boosted by 4 trends : the unique products, the attribution algorithmic, the applied artificial intelligence and the DCO (creative dynamics).

  • Master these trends to create personalized customer experiences as ever previously

The unique products :
The current major challenge in the creation of the unique profiles is not the volume of datas available, but the capacity to transform data in action. It is necessary to formalize a “strategy datas ” which will begin by aggregating of datas stemming from various places, from various formats, from various systems of recording (as SFA, CRM, MarTech, AdTech).
To benefit from it, the marketers will have to connect on data to make sure that this data is accessible and actionable by the technologies. In the end, it will favor an understanding deeper and more unified by the customers as individuals compared with the customers as a part of a segment.

The attribution algorithmic :
2017 will be the peak of the test and the development of the new models of attribution algorithmics pushed by the artificial intelligence which go away from the last contact and towards complete evaluations. The last contact does not seize all the complexity of the interactions between a brand and a customer and does not seize the complexity of the interactions between devices. These models will redefine certainly the way the marketers measure the ROI and it could modify possibly the way they distribute their budget.

The applied artificial intelligence :
The artificial intelligence is of new trend. It is partially due to the growth of the IOT. The Artificial intelligence supplies the most effective way of dealing data and to make of good decisions.

The DCO (creative dynamics) :
In 2017, the predictive marketers will ally the artificial intelligence with the creative management systems to handle and gather creative elements in real time customer experience. The creative dynamics will allow the most innovative creative directors, to cross the gap between the art and the science, which has large-scale repercussions on the organization of agencies and announcers.

  • Identify my influencers

The marketing of influence became one of the most effective ways to attract customers and promote a brand. The prospects are more sensitive to the recommendations of an influencer than to the direct communication. Influenceurs is considered experts in their domain. They benefit from a strong media exhibition via their blog and their social networks. They so affect a much wider target having a common interest and amplify the reach of messages.

  • Adopt the digital plan of the marketing

The marketing integrates definitively the codes of the digital customer experience, of data management, interactive contents…

  • Make regular searches on the new technologies and the start-up which can help me in my work

Every day, new concepts are born and facilitate or amplify marketing measures and communication. It is necessary to make the regular research to not miss nothing, to adapt and to improve according to the evolutions.

  • Develop the mobile marketing

For the marketing, the importance of the consumption of contents, but also the collaboration in mobility, make essential the integration of this new communication channel. For example, stories Instagram or Snapchat offers to the marketing of the new spaces of creativity.

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