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Amazon Go : Groceries without boundaries

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The Web Giant is back in the innovation business. And this time, its not about web services. Amazon is releasing a major breakthrough in the retailing industry : Amazon Go.

Amazon Go is the last project of the firm. The concept is as simple as “grab and go”. It is a new kind of store where you can left without lines, without checkouts : you pay with your smartphone. Amazon is about to disrupt one of the less innovative industry with this project that should be released in 2017.

How does it work ? Because of technology, of course ! More seriously, you just need to create an Amazon account and download the Amazon Go app on your smartphone. When you are done with your shopping, you just have to leave the store. Amazon sends you a receipt and take the money off your account.

Amazon Go stores are designed for fast shopping. They are 1,800 square feet sized and will propose three types of products. First, ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch and dinners for workers and busy people. Also, some essential groceries such as bread, egg and milk. Then, Amazon Go offers a new type of product : Amazon Meal Kits. The customer can purchase these ingredients packs in order to cook a meal for two in less than 30 minutes.

The first Amazon Go store opened in Seattle and is currently in Beta version, only open to Amazon employees. After fours years of research, Amazon engineers succeeded to create Just Walk Out Shopping with the help of technologies such as computer vision and machine learning. This new shopping model is a step towards future and will modify the retailing landscape forever.


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