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10 Steps To Develop Your Social Data Analysis Strategy

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It is essential for brands to analyse the scope and performance of their online campaigns and social networks. Today, companies have many tools. They know who is talking about their brand, how and where. They can react in real time to this information in order to ensure that their messages are effectively communicated to targeted audiences.

Here are the 10 steps that will help you start your effective Social Data Analysis Strategy :

1 – Define the topic

First of all, you have to determine what you want to inspect. For example, the performance of your last campaign or the evolution of your community social networks’ subscribers.

2 – Set clear and measurable goals for the chosen topic

It is necessary to analyse your competitors activity as well as yours in order to fix objectives. These must be measurable in order to have tangible results that could be compared over time.

3 – Make a Social Data Analysis Planning

It will allow you to keep focused and be effective ! It also helps to be more aware of your goals and efforts you have to make during your campaign.

4 – Create alerts to identify special activities and your mentions

It is necessary to create these alerts at the very beginning of your Social Data Analysis in order to avoid missing any information. An alert system helps you to react quickly and make use of the data you received.

5 – Check and filter your results

An essential step to ensure the relevance of the results. You can filter them using keywords for example.

6 – Use your Social Data Analysis Strategy to know the trends of your sector

It is important to be part of the major trends in our industry. Some monitoring tools offer filters by trend, or tables to identify leaders of a given discussion.

7 – Create a dashbord to gather your Key Performance Indicators

This step takes place once the Social Data Analysis is over.

8 – Compare gathered datas and fixed objectives

We can put them side by side in order to have a better overview of the situation as a whole, especially when you report to your manager.

9 – Broaden the scope of research to identify new elements to incorporate

You must not forget to analyse your Social Datas beyond your initial objectives to identify the new trends.

10 – Share your report with your company’s departments

There are many departments that could use this report in their work. Effective monitoring of social networks requires preparation and real-time datas that can be analysed and strategically used.

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